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Look What I Found | My First MAC Lip Combo

Friday, May 8, 2015


mac exhibitionist

I thought it would be fun to either throw it back on a Thursday or flash back on a Friday to something from my beauty stash, closet, or just a past life moment in general, and call it “Look What I Found.”  I’m in the process of brainstorming some more ideas, but this MAC lipstick and lipliner were the first to come to mind.

So the year was 2007, and I was celebrating my 16th birthday. Sigh. Just like every 16 year old girl, I thought I was grown and wanted my make up done by MAC [que “oOooOo”]. I think I got to choose three of the products the artist used for my look to take home with me, and I chose the pressed powder, lipstick and lip liner. It wasn’t long before the powder fell and broke and died, but Exhibitionist is still around, (though it does nothing for my skin tone now and I haven’t worn it since then).

Chestnut will always be a recurring purchase of mine, so the original one is long gone from the picture above, but let me just point out that this lip combo screams THROWBACK. Like, the bright coral lip with dark brown liner? Boy oh boy. Good (bad) times!

MAC Exhibitionist



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