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How I Cleared Up My Acne | Acne Update

Friday, September 23, 2016

img_0394I’ve been getting compliments on my skin lately and that’s when it dawned on me. So, I went digging for pictures from when I first discovered my acne and to my amazement my skin has come a long way. img_0271

img_0280 img_0281

It was during the summer circa 2013 when I started seeing signs and no matter what OTC products I tried, nothing worked. Before I knew it, I was sitting in the dermatologist’s office. img_0282

As much as my problem skin bothered me, I tried not to think about it. More than anything, I knew my acne was nothing compared to what others suffer from. I’m fortunate enough that my acne stayed on the surface and any scarring can be covered with a single layer of make up. Everyone’s skin is different, and if you’re like me, it will most likely take a combination of things to treat your acne. That being said, while I’m not able to single out one or two things in particular that got my skin to where it is today, I’m going to share with you some major keys.

Prescription medication: my dermatologist prescribed me two topical creams: 1) Erythromycin- benzoyl which I apply directly onto my breakouts twice a day on clean skin. I use this cream less frequently now, but I know for a fact it dries out pimples in no time, and 2) Tretenoin 0/05% which is for scarring. I’m a lot more cautious with this cream and wearing it out in the sun so I typically apply it only once a day before bed.

Cut out dairy: If you haven’t heard, acne and dairy/milk hormones just don’t mix. Before knowing this, I remember being on a Chobani yogurt spree when my breakouts were at their worst. As an alternative, I switched to organic soy yogurt for a bit and almond milk is the only milk I drink. Cheese, however, I refuse to give up!

Skip the full-face: I’m telling you ladiesminimal make up is the way to go. Let your skin breathe. Acne is already painful and irritating as it is, the last thing you want to do is constantly suffocate your skin. Find a few products that give you enough of a polished look without packing on and caking on the foundation and powder. Going for a minimal look on the regular is also great because it gives you something to look forward to when you really want to do it up!

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