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Black in the midst of glam

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Okay people. Now is the time we can truly say 2016 is around the corner. So, aside from the usual goal setting and “exciting” new years preparations, I’m committing to a new post every day for the remaining four days of 2015 – yesterday’s post being the first. You know when you get those random urges to just take something and run with it, this challenge is just that.

Style wise, ’tis the season for head turning (or neck breaking) glam. Experimenting with looks we’ve never dared to wear, isn’t unheard of. But for me, a casual all black get up practically stole my heart this week. You can call black drab, dark, funeral -y, whatever, but the perfect black outfit always wins.

See you tomorrow! Same time. Same place.


black turtle 5TopShop Bomber Jacket black turtle 4 Black Turtle

Turtleneck: Uniqlo (no longer available) | Jeans: American Eagle | Ankle boots: Macys | Bomber: Topshop

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