The word creative has officially broken its adjective barriers and made a true meaning for itself as a noun. A creative is an artist in many forms, not just a painter or musician, but perhaps a painter, musician, jewelry designer and photographer all in one. This individual consumes him or her self with passion driven creation. He or she loves what they do and do things their way.

Here are four tips I like to keep in mind when creating and I hope you find them helpful too!



Fellow ladies of the itty bitty committee, I introduce to you the plunging neckline. Just as the wrap dress best suits bustier women, the plunging neckline was practically made for us, (just ask Lupita).

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It took me almost a year to grasp the meaning of “being in your own way.” It’s still a constant work in progress but I’ve been able to sum up four practices that have gotten me this far, and I hope you find them helpful too.


Mickie ❤︎

Every part of me is a vision of a portrait
Of Mona, of Mona Lisa
Every part of me is beautiful
And I finally see I’m a work of art
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