It took trying four different supplements each leaving my throat itchy and irritated for me to realize that soy was the culprit. Protein intake is crucial for building muscle mass, and overcoming this allergy obstacle was more important to me now than ever being on a fitness journey. Continue Reading

When you hear little black dress you think break out the heels, date night, simple yet sexy. As someone who tends to prefer a more sporty look, here’s my take on the acclaimed LBD. Continue Reading

From time to time I like to give my natural nails a break from the acrylic and allow them to breathe. I’ve been eyeing coffin shaped nails for a while so I decided to go for it with this subtle Essie pink polish called Muchi Muchi. Continue Reading

Stumbling into Laline took me off a loud, crowded Times Square sidewalk into a serene aroma,-filled retreat. The clean, white design instantly caught my eye, and my curiosity would not allow me to walk past. Laline is an Isreali bath and body, natural infused brand. After chatting it up with the associate (who happened to be my hair twin), I sniffed and sampled around. Continue Reading