I strongly believe in withdrawing from anything you’re passionate about when you feel any doubts arising, and as a naturally private person, pulling away is all too easy for me. Unfortunately, this inconsistency isn’t necessarily a “good look” for a budding blogger, but I really care about maintaining the love I have for my blog and that reflects when I’m able to produce quality content for you guys. Hope you understand. Continue Reading

There’s something about a dark brown liner and red matte lipstick that screams 90s vibes. For this look I used MAC’s chestnut liner¬† and Kat Von D’s underage red matte lipstick, and of course it wouldn’t be 90s inspired without a charmed choker and the throwback Big Willie! Continue Reading

If you asked me about a year ago what’s an eye cream, I would cluelessly tell you just that – it’s a cream for your eyes. What started as a pretty pointless hunt for an anti aging…something, lead to what’s now one of my favorite skincare products. Simply put, eye creams are meant to moisturize, hydrate and firm the eye area, the most delicate part of the face that really shouldn’t be overlooked. Continue Reading

Just a reminder to never lose focus. Continue Reading